How to Have a Mental Health Day…Hannah Style


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Mental health days are the most important. Some days you just need to reload! Here’s how I make the most of a mental health day:

Step 1- Sleep in as long as humanly possible

This isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been setting your alarm for 7am for the last 3 days. So…I only slept in until 9am, but still! No pressure, just wake up and stretch like a princess!

Step 2- Stay in your PJs

It is very important NOT to get dressed or put on makeup. The most you can dress is yoga pants and a sweatshirt. This is vital. Dress for the day…which means, chill.

Step 3- Read an inspiring or lovely article

I read this one, from one of my very favorite blogs. And it put me in a happy mood all day! Also, how can you look at this face and not feel like the day is going to be great?

Step 4- Have a tea party

Nothing feels more luxurious or “I have all the time in the world”-y than a full on tea party! A pot of cinnamon princess tea, a hard boiled egg, toast with jam and peanut butter…the best!

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Step 5- Watch Downton Abbey

What goes better with a tea party than Downton Abbey?! And this episode was so chock full of amazing quotes, fantastic drama, strong women, and beautiful dresses! So much joy!

{photo from this website}

Step 6- Read a script

Because I have a really hard time not being at least a little productive, I had to do a little work on my day off! That’s ok, though…

Step 7- Make a to do list

I love lists. I feel super comfortable when I have a list. That’s what helps me relax. Now I don’t have to worry about things that really need to be done in the next couple weeks…YAY!

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Step 8- Be a tiny bit productive

I discovered that my favorite happiness guru, Gretchen Rubin, started her podcast yesterday! So, for the first time in my life, I listened to a podcast! {I recommend it 100%} And I was so inspired, I managed to clean off my kitchen counter (one of the things that has been dogging me for weeks) while I was listening. 20 minutes is just enough time to make a dent!

And cuddle for the rest of the day! That’s very important. How do you celebrate your mental health days?


Never Before Seen…


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I know it’s annoying to follow someone on both Facebook and Instagram and see all their pictures twice….
Well, *I* don’t feel annoyed when I see that, but it does make me scroll a bit faster.
I’ve considered unlinking the two many-a-time. However, I know my mom would yell at me if she couldn’t see my pictures (and she “can’t figure out” Instagram).
Here are a few random, weird photos that never made it to Insta OR FB…sorry most of them are screenshots from snapchat…

* This happened last night…she likes to sleep with a paw on me, though she prefers her own couch cushion…


* One of the things I’m trying to remember… Leonie is one of my fave ladies EVER.


* Even Carole gets cold in this silly weather!


* Lydia took this of me and it’s absolutely hilarious. And how I want to feel forever.


* Um, Carole…that’s not a pillow…


* This is hilarious and also, the sign above me appears to be pointing to me and says, “DOES NOT STOP”…also true.


* Such a lady. This happens a lot.


* I love finding hearts everywhere…especially road trips.


* Never was there a truer statement. Also, how adorable is sheeeee??!!!


* I miss this lady. Also this is amazing because I was obviously too drunk to get rid of the text box before I took a screenshot…


* Someone sent this to me, but I don’t remember who. And also I’m really disappointed I didn’t use this for our Christmas card…


That’s all folks! Just a few random things that have been hidden on my phone! That was fun, huh?

My List of Things I Care About Right Now


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This showed up in my inbox yesterday:

my list of things I care about right now by Adam J. Kurtz

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First, it made me giggle. Like, I’m so with you on that, yo.

The way my schedule has been lately, some days I’m completely free. It’s tempting to roll around on the couch and sing I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING TODAY or to stay in bed with the covers over my head. But that just doesn’t satisfy my head and heart.

I want to be productive! Get stuff done!

Alas, I’ve been feeling like I just keep chugging along. Not skipping through a field of flowers gleefully (which is how I would prefer it.) Darn that empty, crumply post-it.

So, here are the things that *I* care about right now:

It’s Random Acts of Kindness week! I love that! I’ve been sending surprise Valentines, baking cookies, and taking British candy to class.











February 4th marked 3 years with my favorite Valentine ever! How lucky am I to be with this cuddlebug?


I just had the most amazing brunch…mimosas and French toast bake! And now I’m sitting with my favorite rose candle. Also there’s curried egg salad in the fridge for lunch. That’s a good day!

I’ve been thinking about the things I want…how I want my life to feel. And I keep harkening back to one of my favorite memories. When I visited California with my friend Rachael, we would wake up in the morning to a veritable feast of fresh fruit and sit on the living room floor to enjoy it. Then take a walk to the beach. WOW DO I WANT THAT IN MY LIFE. Contemplating how I can make this happen…

Also, I miss London real bad.


Though it’s tempting to get swallowed into my couch, it feels good to care about something…what do you care about right now?


I Can’t…I Have Rehearsal.


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So, basically I’m having WAY too much fun choreographing this show and having guests in my house. I’m too lazy to think of something brilliant and insightful.

However! New Years always makes me want to recall my favorite things, and see if it’s still one of my favorites. Weird, perhaps. But this is the time I want to listen to my favorite songs, read my favorite poems, wear my favorite clothing, etc.

Just as a little reminder of who I want to be, perhaps.

Interested in what favorites I’m indulging right now? WELL PONDER NO MORE, for I shall tell you…

Music: Besides the music in Next to Normal (since I’m choreographing it and all), I’m all about Danielle Ate The Sandwich right now. Those amazing original ukulele songs, silky smooth vocals, and quirky lyrics make me feel all bubbly inside! I just downloaded her Christmas album and played it on repeat for days…and I possibly just preordered her new album while I was at rehearsal…

Kaela-Speicher-Photography (2000px Web)-4253

Isn’t she the most adorbs? Photo from her website:

Poetry: I have had this poem up in every kitchen I’ve had since college. It’s my favorite, being a Latin nerd and an aspiring housewife. Maybe a strange choice, but I never claimed otherwise.

Clothes: Y’all, I finally got to wear my pleather miniskirt. So exciting! Also, leopard print booties. Pretending it’s not stupid cold and just wearing fun things anyway. No pictures because I’ve fallen off the selfie train lately…oops.

Food: I’m all up in nacho-land right now. All I want always is nachos. So strange. Also, champagne. Happy 2015! And hot chocolate from Leonna’s. I know it’s from a packet, but it’s the love that makes it the best.


What are you loving right now? I’m always looking for new favorites!

2014 Highlights


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While it’s hard to choose with so many fun things that occurred in the last year…here’s my TOP TEN FOR 2014:

1) My very first cabaret! I had an amazing accompanist, got to sing my favorite songs, and wear a gorgeous dress.


2) Vacation in Vegas… I can’t tell you why, I’m a lady!


3) I got to play Marty in Grease! New friends, a fab wig, and a prom dress to rival my actual prom dress!


4) I finally got my daffodils replanted, thanks to Stephenie! That’s been on my goal list since I moved in!


5) Summer season at OAT! Got to have an amazing wig and stand on tables, then wear the shortest dress ever while attempting to dance!



Also this…


6) Shakespeare in the Park! Yet another long-time resident on the goal list!


7) London. Duh. But specifically, seeing friendly faces and meeting three of the most amazing ladies in the world!





8) Going to Florida to surprise my Uncle Lester! It was fun to be there with no Disney agenda or purpose other than to just hang!9) Coffees and hang-outs with my friends. Maybe it’s silly and mundane, but weekly chais are my jam!


10) Cuddles every day with Carole. Literally. She stays right next to me all night, and my favorite part of waking up in the morning is a cuddle sesh. Always my valentine.


What about you? Have any favorites of 2014?

Word of the Year

I’ve never had a word of the year for two reasons:
1) how can just one word encompass a whole year?! What if I change my mind halfway through?
2) I’ve never been able to think of a word that I wanted to spend the whole year thinking about. Sounds like a lot of work.

Last year, one of my major might-never-happen goals was “find passion”…actually I wrote it like this…


However, as any cranky person who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions will tell you, that kind of vague statement gets you nowhere.


So, this year, I’m going to the more actionable route towards a passionate life.


Finally, I’ve got a word I want to pursue all year…

I figure if I make every decision based on that, I should find myself having a pretty fabulous year.
Who’s with me? Anyone else have a word of the year? How are you going to use it?


Family You Choose

For my entire life, I’ve been surrounded by incredible people I call my aunts and uncles.


It wasn’t until we started studying extended families in school that I made the horrifying discovery that none of these people were actually related to me. WHAT?! In one fell swoop, I lost 3/4 of my family! I was devastated.


I had to run through the entire list to get down to the mystery of who was really related to me. Luckily, my blood aunts and uncles are super awesome!


But it made me realize something even more beautiful… this is the family we chose. My parents made a conscious decision to surround my sister and me with artists, comedians, clowns, fire eaters, stilt walkers, jugglers…but most importantly, people who love us.




                    I sure am lucky.



Giving Thanks


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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  – William Arthur Ward





Family means putting your arms around each other and being  there. – Barbara Bush




Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.  – Henry Van Dyke



Childhood Reclaimed


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Some unseasonably gorgeous weather meant my sister and I could go out to the ol’ castle and have a little fun!





I do not miss childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even as greater things crumbled. I could not control the world I was in, could not walk away from things or people or moments that hurt, but I took joy in the things that made me happy.  – Neil Gaiman